Wesley Sunday 10-14-2018

Wesley Sunday, October 14, 2018


Our Mission and Values

The Wesley Foundation is a missional community of university students united by faith that provides a ministry focusing on the spiritual, service, stewardship, and social aspects of a Christ-centered life.


We are:

- An open, reconciling, and affirming ministry

- A place to hang out, study, grab a snack, ask questions, and openly explore spirituality

- A way to live out our mission to serve God and others in love

- A group of friends based on mutual grace and acceptance that will last a lifetime


The Wesley Foundation is a ministry of the United Methodist Church, but we invite students of ALL faith backgrounds to join us in Bible study, worship, fellowship, and missions as we grow together. We have a rich history of spiritual formation, community outreach, social justice activism, and of being a place of welcome and love. We believe that when we embrace others in all their diversity, we are embracing God.


We are inclusive

All are welcome regardless of faith community, race, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ethnic community, or physical or mental challenge. We see our community as a safe space where we are free to be whom and whose we are, brothers and sisters of the risen Christ. As we seek to follow God’s example, we commit ourselves to inclusion of and hospitality to all persons.


Our Creed

We are the Wesley Foundation.

As a community of university students, together we believe that:

God is the creator of all things who, through love gives us the privilege of prayer.

Jesus lived among us blameless and without sin; he gave himself for the world and was raised in order to live on as our savior.

The Holy Spirit surrounds and fills everyone and everything to provide comfort and guidance.

We are friends.

We are neighbors.

We are believers.

We are family.

We are Wesley.