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Here are some things to know if you want to get more involved.

What can I expect at Wesley?

Wesley is officially the United Methodist campus ministry at the University of Delaware, but we are also a "home away from home" to learn about God, build lifelong friendships, and serve the community. We welcome students of all faith backgrounds, even none!

Ways to Worship

You can find Wesley students at any of the Sunday morning services offered at Newark United Methodist Church. The 8am and 9:30am services are more traditional with a choir, organ music, and formal liturgy, while the 11am contemporary service features music led by NUMC's worship band and meaningful preaching. Wesley offers a free brunch for students following the 11am service.

Ways to Grow

Wesley offers weekly Bible studies, small groups, and short devotionals to allow students to grow in their faith together. We also have other special events like lock-ins, movie nights, ice skating, and apple picking to get to know each other and just hang out! See our weekly events here.

Ways to Serve

Our spring break mission trip is a student favorite! Some years we travel to other states, some years we stay local, but every year students serve communities, form lifelong friendships, and grow closer to God. We also have local service projects throughout the year, such as decorating nursing homes for the holidays, volunteering at food pantries, and helping out with events at local churches.

Wesley students are often found helping out around the church by carrying heavy boxes and ushering at services. We are grateful to be a part of NUMC and love to give back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Methodist?

Absolutely not! While we are affiliated with the United Methodist Church, many of our students were raised in different denominations, and some are new to church altogether. We are also sometimes joined by students of other faiths. Whether you were raised in the Methodist church or are just starting to consider pursuing a relationship with God, we welcome you!

What do people wear to church?

Anything from jeans and Birkenstocks to dress slacks and heels! Dress is pretty casual at all services, though more of the congregation dresses up at the 9:30 traditional service. Everyone is invited to wear whatever feels most comfortable to them. 



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