Cheryl Merritt

As I student at UD in the 90s, I can still remember the first time I set foot on campus filled with anxiety of unknowns.  I clearly remember the instant comfort that I felt when I saw the familiar cross and flame on the Wesley Foundation sign on the side of Newark UMC.  Being raised in the UMC, I knew I had found my home away from home.  
During my college years, Wesley provided a haven for me.  UD has a reputation as a "party school."  Wesley showed me there was a community of folks like me on campus who didn't subscribe to the binge drinking culture.  I didn't know it at the time, but these relationships built would be some of the most influential in my life.  I met my husband Brian at Wesley and some of my closest friends who I now consider family. 
Over 25 years later and the fruit of Wesley continues.  We still get together at least once a year and all of us are leaders in our respective churches today.  I'm particularly proud of the time spent as a student and alumni reaching outside of Wesley to students of differing faiths and the nominally religious through Exam Week Survival Bags and Midnight Breakfasts, launching the first "alternate spring break" mission trip, becoming a Reconciling Ministry and leading bible studies discussing LGBTQ related theology, interfaith candlelight services, just to name a few.
I pray that a vital Wesley Foundation presence continues as our son Tyler begins his journey at UD this fall.  Thank you to the alumni who came before me and those who walked with me during my time at Delaware to strengthen my faith journey. 
Alison Philip
My husband and I met at Wesley Foundation in 2005. Now I'm a UM pastor. Wesley Foundation was one of the most important communities in my life.

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