Wesley students at our end-of-year banquet in 2017Wesley students at our end-of-year banquet in 2017


The Wesley Foundation is:

  • - An open, reconciling, and affirming ministry
  • - A group of people to ask some of the big and little questions about faith and life
  • - A way to serve others
  • - A place to make friends that will last a lifetime
  • - A place to hang out, study, grab a snack, or just take a nap

Students of all faith traditions are invited to join with us in Bible study, worship, fellowship, and missions, as we grow together.


Our Creed:

We are the Wesley Foundation.

As a community of university students we believe together:

God is the creator of all things who, through love gives us the privilege of prayer.

Jesus lived among us blameless and without sin, yet he died for our sins,

and was raised in order to live on as our savior and friend.

The Holy Spirit surrounds and fills everyone and everything to provide comfort and guidance.

We are friends.

We are neighbors.

We are believers.

We are family.

We are Wesley.