Rev. Mary Haggard – pastor@udelwesley.orgmary.jpg
Executive Director, Campus Pastor 

Rev. Haggard is the Executive Director of the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry at the University of Delaware (UD) and maintains an office for her ministry among UD students in our facility.

Rev. Haggard is a native-born Texan who grew up in Maryland and graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary, where she was known as “Mary, the Methodist.”  Rev. Haggard is also Regional Staff Person for the Northeast Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church.


Rev. Ward Mesick - webmaster@udelwesley.orgward.jpg
Campus Pastor

Rev. Mesick is campus pastor of the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry at UD and maintains an office for his ministry among UD students in our facility.

Rev. Mesick was born and raised in Delaware and graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. He has pastored at several churches and now assists the Wesley Foundation through Bible study, devotionals, and administrative work.



 LEADERS (Student Officer Board):

Katie Shuetz - President -


Amanda Bonnett-Kim - Vice President -


Sam Mitchell - Devotions Chair -


Sarah Blough - Missions Chair -


Blake Schmidt- Events Chair -


Katie Liming- Local Mission Chair -


Teresa Dozier - Communications Chair -




Karen DeMonte and Matt Stauffer - Co-Chairs

Allan Loomis - Treasurer

Jaynell Stoneman - Secretary

Chris Burket

Roy Collins

Brian Merritt, Esq.

Vicky Timmons

Rev. Vaughan Hayden

Rick Sullivan

Karen DeMonte, University of Delaware Faculty Advisor

Ruth Oatman, Liaison to Conference Board of Higher Education

Rev. Derrick Porter, Senior Pastor (UMC), ex-officio member

Rev. Joe Archie (District Superintendent), ex-officio member

Rev. Mary Haggard, Executive Director, Campus Pastor, ex-officio member

Rev. Ward Mesick, Campus Pastor, ex-officio member

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