Welcome to the Wesley Foundation
at the University of Delaware!

Welcome to the University of Delaware Wesley Foundation! There's always something happening at Wesley, from Bible study and small groups to movie nights and mission trips. We are affiliated with the United Methodist Church, but we welcome students of all faith backgrounds (even none!). If you’re looking for a place to learn about God, make lifelong friends and find a second home on campus, we invite you to come see what Wesley is all about.

We are located within Newark United Methodist Church-right next to the UD Bookstore on Main Street! Please enter on the E Delaware Ave side, then continue down the hall to the Wesley Lounge.



The Wesley Foundation at UD's statement concerning General Conference 2019:

The Wesley Foundation at the University of Delaware stands for and affirms the value of every member of the LGBTQIA+ community. We stand with our siblings in Christ against the hurtful decisions made at General Conference 2019, and oppose the Traditionalist Plan as it lacks Christ-like love and compassion. Whereas that plan seeks to divide the body of Christ into tiers of value, we proclaim that God loves, and calls to service, all of humanity with the same undeniable compassion - regardless of sex, gender, race, orientation, or any other means that humans might seek to use in order to divide and judge.

Our Wesley Foundation will remain an open community of acceptance and encouragement for any whom seek refuge, fellowship, love, and support. In this way, we affirm our commitment to obedience to the model of love and mercy shown to us by Jesus Christ.

Ward Mesick - Campus Pastor
Connor Pitman - Student President
Rick Sullivan - Chair, Board of Directors


The Wesley Foundation at UD has been a member of Reconciling Ministries Network for more that two decades.


Upcoming Events 

Wesley Bake Sale
November 23
Bakers drop off 9 AM-10 AM, Welcome Center
Customers pick up 10 AM-Noon, Welcome Center

Call Brooke Michael @ 304-657-0146 after 9 AM Monday, November 18, 2019.

Menu will be updated every evening.


2. Cinnamon Brownies - Metty Mesick - 8.00

4. Mint Brownies - Metty Mesick - 8.00


10. Whole Grain Bread-JoAnne Deshon-8.00


24. Chocolate Chip Cookies - John Sullivan - 8.00

28. 2 Dozen Pazzelles - Phyllis Muyskens - 8.00
29. 2 Dozen Pazzelles - Phyllis Muyskens - 8.00
30. 2 Dozen Pazzelles - Phyllis Muyskens - 8.00
31. 2 Dozen Pazzelles - Phyllis Muyskens - 8.00
32. 2 Dozen Pazzelles - Phyllis Muyskens - 8.00
33. 2 Dozen Pazzelles - Phyllis Muyskens - 8.00
34. 2 Dozen Pazzelles - Phyllis Muyskens - 8.00

36. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – M.  Planer- 8.00

38. Choc. Chip/Pecan/Peppermint Cookies-Amy Bland-8.00
39. Choc. Chip/Pecan/Peppermint Cookies-Amy Bland-8.00


41. Cajun Shrimp Cornbread – S. Gaines - 15.00


49. Pumpkin Pie-Matt Stauffer-12.00
50. Pumpkin Pie-Matt Stauffer-12.00
51. Pumpkin Pie-Matt Stauffer-12.00
52. Pumpkin Pie-Matt Stauffer-12.00



Mini Mission Trip


Midnight Pancakes
December 10
10 PM-midnight



Can't come to these? Join us at one of our weekly events!